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××× IMPORTANT UPDATE ××× Operation: Rising Tide is a go! BUT - While the Moses West Foundation has U.S non-profit status, we wish to first obtain a Canadian charitable status so Canadians can get a tax receipt for their donations!

The Roundtable Alliance is proud to announce our partnership with Moses West Foundation to provide clean water to First Nations currently experiencing years-long water crises. 

The Moses West Foundation will be handling the donations, as well as providing patented innovative clean water technology!!!

+++NOTE+++ We will officially announce the Donation Campaign when we redesign the Moses West Foundation's website to reflect this alliance. July 12th - we officially go live!!

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1. We are developing an Ally and Tiktok Academy to help Allies activate, sift through the mountains of overwhelming amount of info, and help Indigenous peoples in their own way. 

The unity from Allies has brought much healing to many elders and Residential School survivors, and we wish to provide a way for Allies to help make a substantial and tangible difference. 

2. We are drafting our Charter, Rules of Substance, Values, and Mission Statements, which will be posted to the website when finalized. 

This organization is rapidly expanding organically and evolving into something bigger than originally imagined. What started as a union to produce a onetime Live event has become greater than anything we can achieve alone. We invite all with similar values and objectives to the Roundtable. 

The Roundtable Alliance will also act as a conduit for other people, professionals, and organizations to gather to produce collaborative new initiatives to solve the various issues facing Indigenous peoples in Canada, and worldwide. 


The Roundtable Alliance is an Indigenous-led collaboration between both Allies and Indigenous of Turtle Island uniting to help facilitate a cultural shift in society, and form alliances to produce collaborative endeavors addressing the many issues facing Indigenous peoples today.
Many Allies rallied behind Indigenous in numbers never before seen in Canada after the discovery of the 215 children in unmarked graves. And while many would like to support Indigenous rights - a lot are left unequipped to face the battle we Indigenous have faced in a daily basis. 

Formed between Influencial Tiktokers and Native Content Creators with a combined reach of over 650,000 (and growing) united for one common goal - to equip Allies with our knowledge so they can amplify our voices where it's most needed.

The Alliance is an evolving group that is open to your contributions wherever you feel you can contribute. Your knowledge, gifts, and ideas help shape what the group becomes.

Forming alliances and holding future live events with organizations that have similar values is the next step to begin to expand our reach beyond social media, and into the world.


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